Overcoming Male Infertility with Specialized Andrology Services at Ovation Fertility San Antonio

Andrology laboratory services identify and correct factors that often hinder conception. Reproductive endocrinologists, urologists and San Antonio’s leading OB/GYN practices partner with the Ovation® Fertility San Antonio IVF lab for definitive answers and comprehensive andrology services related to male factor infertility.

Our laboratory staff consists of highly trained and experienced andrologists overseen by IVF lab director Tom Turner. Visit the About Us page for more details about our San Antonio IVF lab and its credentials, industry affiliations, and advanced in vitro fertilization services.

Our andrology department prepares, analyzes and processes specimens for diagnostic and therapeutic male infertility procedures, and supports physicians who treat male factor infertility.

Supporting Male Infertility Testing and Treatment

From high-quality semen analysis to advanced lab services such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), our andrology department maintains the highest standards for accuracy and quality control.

Semen Analysis in San Antonio

Accurately assessing the appearance and function of sperm cells requires proper training, experience and practiced methodology. The andrologists who perform semen analyses for Ovation Fertility San Antonio strive to pinpoint the exact causes of male infertility. Rather than performing automated semen analyses, we know the importance of having experienced andrologists to analyze each specimen.

Please complete the following semen analysis requisition form prior to your appointment with Ovation Fertility San Antonio.

Sperm Preparation Procedures at Our San Antonio IVF Lab

The meticulous steps that we take prior to sperm freezing or specimen preparation for IVF and IUI are critical to successful clinical outcomes. Our andrologists have advanced training in sperm preparation and cryopreservation to allow your sperm specimens to effectively withstand cold storage for your future use. At Ovation Fertility San Antonio, we accommodate both in-home and in-office specimen collection.

Complex Sperm Preparation for IUI

Artificial insemination, or IUI, introduces sperm directly into the female uterus, bypassing the cervix. Our staff expertly washes and separates sperm in the IVF lab, replicating the function of the cervix, so that your physician can optimally time your IUI to coincide with ovulation.

Taking Sperm Prep One Step Further …

Prior to adding sperm to the eggs retrieved during IVF, our andrologists use the latest techniques to identify and select the best sperm. We choose the optimal method of preparation based on a thorough analysis of the fresh or frozen specimen. We then re-examine each specimen following preparation – prior to its use – to make sure that each specimen is as good as it can possibly be. This meticulous process allows us to optimize sperm concentration, motility, and normal morphology prior to either inseminating the eggs or injecting the sperm using ICSI.

Male Fertility Preservation and Sperm Freezing

Our Ovation Fertility San Antonio IVF lab provides sperm freezing (cryopreservation) services to men prior to cancer treatment – whether they are being treated with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. We also freeze sperm during vasectomy reversal or microsurgical sperm retrieval procedures, to optimize the likelihood of a successful post-surgical outcome. Because many male patients have unavoidable travel or other commitments that limit their availability when the time is right for insemination or IVF, we are also here to freeze sperm in advance – so that you will have access to sperm even when the male patient can’t be there in person.

Ovation Fertility San Antonio specializes in the complex procedures that make conception possible for men with severe male infertility, cancer survivors and anyone requiring donor sperm to build a family.

For semen analysis in San Antonio and advanced andrology services, contact us here. Our IVF lab is located at 18707 Hardy Oak, Suite 511, just west of Methodist Stone Oak Hospital. We maintain regular hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Andrology Services

Diagnostic Testing

  • Semen Analysis
  • Semen Analysis Form
  • Anti-sperm Antibodies
  • Vital Staining of Sperm
  • Sperm Function Testing
  • ICSI Prep

Sperm Preparation

  • Sperm Washing for IUI
  • Sperm Freezing and Storage
  • Complex Sperm Prep for IVF
  • Sperm Freezing and Storage